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Giant marino wool wrap -red eucalyptus

Soft virgin wool botanical printed with special eucalyptus leaves that contain a red pigment for  warm shades of reds, and a logwood background
Wear it on your shoulders or as a scarf around your neck.


Virgin wool, sheer and soft.


virgin merino wool

Dimensions: 190 X 105 cm

77 X42 inch



Wool *Atufa -red eucalyptus

  • To keep the colors bright and fresh, hand wash with mild soap and dry in the shade.

    As with all my products, only natural materials were used in the making of this scarf. I strive to accurately portray the beauty of nature while respecting its fragility and working to minimize waste and damage.


    I gather my leaves in the vast fields around my home, beautiful Aviel village, in the surroundings of south Carmel Mountains, Israel.

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