Silk chiffon scarf eco-printed with eucalyptus leaves

Soft, flowy femenine, sheer, semi transparent xl wrap - "atufa"

Shades of dark blue and greys.   contact printed with euclyptus  leaves.

Definitly one of my favourites.


*atufa - a cloth of protection.  in hebrew -  to be wrapped in comfort and consolation.


Silk chiffon 8mm

Dimensions: 185 X 143 cm

                       72 X 56 inch

Unhemmed Silk for a natural flow


"עטופה" ממשי שיפון מודפבת באמצעות עלי אקליפטוס מזנים שונים.

משי דק, עם נפילה נעימה ומגע רך.

אחת מהיצירות האהובות עלי. 


Silk chiffon scarf eco-printed with eucalyptus leaves

  • To keep the colors bright and fresh, hand wash with mild soap and dry in the shade.

    As with all my products, only natural materials were used in the making of this scarf. I strive to accurately portray the beauty of nature while respecting its fragility and working to minimize waste and damage.


    I gather my leaves in the vast fields around my home, beautiful Aviel village, in the surroundings of south Carmel Mountains, Israel.