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I am Laura Miryam

Artist, Teacher, Shaman


Since I remember myself I was drawn to vast open spaces or to remote corner of nature where light and shadows created depths that intrigued my imagination and triggered my curiosity and helped developed my ability to listen  and concept  unseen vibes. There is where I learned order and meaning.

My healing art is to dye and print fabric and paper using bark, leaves and flowers that I gather in the open fields or grow by myself in my garden. 

10 years ago I began researching and investigating local plants In the North and Center Israel. My biochemical and botanical background (B.A in Science) helped me understand the exciting relationship between science and creativity, or "control and let go" that is so characteristic to the addictive process of botanical printing and dyeing.


Since I am mindful that nature echoes the primordial beat of life, of growth and balance, my intention is to preserve this healing vibration energy of nature in to the fabric and pass it further on - to you.

All that remains is to wrap oneself in it – the healing is within. 


All my work is handmade, one of a kind and unique.


 סדנאות והדרכות


אקופרינט-סדנה חוויתית להדפס עם חומרים מהטבע


שאל צמר אקופרינט
בעבודת טלאים


art book
הדפס בוטני על נייר ובד


סטודיו שדה
יצירה אורגנית


קורס צבע והדפס בוטני


אינדיגו שיבורי
סדנה בכחול טבעי

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